Gaining support and committing to growth by using a business mentor

Could a business mentor help you?  Well the reality of business is you can’t do it alone.  At the very least you will need people to help keep you motivated and give you support on your journey. Family and friends can give you personal and even sometimes practical support in your business. Keep on their…

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What can I gain from joining a mastermind group?

If you sometimes feel alone in business and in need of someone else to speak to in a safe supportive environment then a mastermind group could be for you.  Since Napoleon Hill wrote about masterminding in his book “Think and Grow Rich” first published in 1937, they have become increasingly popular with business owners of…


Why use mastermind groups as an entrepreneur?

If you feel alone as an entrepreneur and in need of some support, a mastermind group could be the way to go.  Used as a fresh pair of eyes or an unofficial board for your business, a mastermind group can add value to your personal development as well as to the business. Many mastermind groups…


Finding the right mentor for you

Finding the right mentor for you can be really difficult. To begin with it’s hard to know who will act as a mentor as they rarely go around with a badge on them saying “I love to mentor others.”  Generally we want to be mentored by someone we see as successful and therefore they can…


How entrepreneurs use trusted advisor’s and mentors?

Some of you have asked me whether a trusted adviser is just a business mentor by any other name. If you read my recent post about finding a trusted adviser you probably want to know more about a trusted adviser as an entrepreneur. Let me start by saying that a mentor is what and who…

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Personal branding tips: Could personal brand be a tool for success?

You are doing so well in your career and business life that surely it makes sense to go that extra mile and consider using your profile to move you to the next level of success.  “Personal profile” or “personal branding” is a persuasive tool to maximise your impact in business. Many people overlook the power…


What are your business plans for 2015? Could a business mentor help?

A big shout out to all my business friends, hope you have had a fantastic festive break and that 2015 is looking like a great year for you and your business.  I love my work as a business mentor and some of my clients have grown and moved on during 2014 and no longer need…


Top Tips on building brand reputation

When you start up in business it is a fact that there is little to no awareness of your brand, but building brand reputation is key to business success.   People don’t know who you are or what your business is.  They don’t know what you offer and what amazing things you can do. All…

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